Sunday, July 15, 2007

Random Acts of Kindness or R.A.K.

We just got home from running errands while Abigale attended VBS. We ended up going to two different Walmart stores looking for a pair of shoes for Rebecca. We bought a cold water each time we checked out and took it over to the greeter as we left. The ladies eyes got so big when I handed it to them. They both kept thanking us over and over. The kids loved doing it. We stopped in at Subway to get a drink and one of the ladies came back over to us and gave me a hug and thanked me again. She said that had never happened to her. I told her about the RAK and we were going to do something like this every week. She smiled and told me she was glad that she was the first recipient! This has been so much fun. It reminds me of that commercial..... $1.36 for a cold water, $3.15 for the gallon of gas spent going to Walmart, the hug and smile from the Walmart greeter when you hand them the water...Priceless!!!

Keep up the good work Blogity Friends!!!

This is the first installment of R.A.K. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for the record amount of comments last week. I was overwhelmed with how many of you are on board with this.

I think it will be so much fun doing at least one R.A.K. a week. I know we can all do it. It does not have to be something major like the family donating the $10,000 to the waitress last week, so she can go to college. Just taking some brownies to your neighbor or having your teenage child mow an elderly persons yard. It can be as simple as your little boy holding the door at church for the congregation to file out after church.

This is my first time using Mr.Linky!! Thanks to Kailani for talking me through it.

Please grab the above graphic to use on your own blog and write a quick/small post about your very own R.A.K. Thanks Kristi for the graphic and for the great idea!!! Lets all meet back once a week and see what ideas we can give each other. I know I am looking forward to reading what everyone else is doing. If you have already posted about something on my original post you can link back to that too!! I will be announcing the Give-Away results later this week. So check back and spread the Bloggity RAK Love!!


Stephenson Family said...

I was wondering how to use "Mr. Linky" as well. Thanks! I'm still looking for ways to extent a hand . . without planning AND planning! It's been great!

lelly said...

can i tell you that i heart mr. linky now?!? and that he will be debuting at amuse-bouche tomorrow!!

Missy said...

That is terrific! I love this! I'll be back to post what we end up doing for RAK!!

Becca said...

I had another experience with RAK last night so I thought I would share (I linked it AGAIN! I am noticing these little RAKs a lot more - it changes your whole outlook.