Tuesday, July 17, 2007

SPT (She Photographs on Tuesdays)

I love taking photos and I love posting them on my blog and sending them to all my friends and family. Lelly has been doing SPT for awhile and I have enjoyed reading and looking at every ones blog and pictures. I thought I would participate this week.

Lelly wrote about all the new Blog techno things she has learned. The Mr. Linky (which I used for the first time here) and about Carnivals ( having posts link back about a certain topic to one blog). I guess my RAK(Random Act of Kindness) is now considered a Carnival. Thanks Lelly for the new Blog Speak!!

So this week I took a picture of Bloglines on my computer. I love this!! It has a list of all the blogs that I like to read. I click on it and all the new posts that have been written pop up. That way I am not clicking on every single blog and checking if they have written anything new!! This can be so addicting.
I also took a picture of me in front of my computer with my hot pink MP3 player. I love this thing. I have books on tape, VBS songs for the kids, all of my music. This also has a recorder that I can use for reminders. IT has photos of all my J Design things. I can show people when I am out and about when they ask me what I make.

So these are just some of my Techno Geek things!


lelly said...

YAY! jenmomof4's on spt!!

you geek!

(i just learned about bloglines. once i get it filled with the links i love, i'm sure it will be a super time saver for me!)

katherine said...

Love the hot pink ipod. I'm going to have to look into bloglines. Otherwise I tend to spend so much time jumping around. BTW love all your jdesigns, very cute.

kailani said...

That's a great idea to put your products on your player! And I love Bloglines! I don't how I ever survived without it!

compulsive writer said...

That's so cool!

Hey--I wanted to tell you I'm playing R.A.K., but when it comes to writing about it I'm a little too timid. So please know even if I'm not posting and linking I love your idea. It got me thinking and trying to be more aware each day of who needs a little extra kindness from me. Thanks!

Lisa M. said...

I wanted to thank you for my good mail! I LOVE IT!

Thank you thank you thank!

I hope you have a great day!

Ribbon Rock Star said...

Love that hot pink mp3 player!