Friday, December 12, 2008

It's all in the Numbers

It has been a week of numbers at my house. I am finally crawling out of my workroom and can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

10- the number of keychains I made on Monday

12- the number of small notepads I made on Tuesday

16- the number of times I have driven back and forth to my kids school

12- the number of days kids have put ornaments on my cool Advent Calendar

0- the number of blog posts I have made in over a week!!

6- the number of HS friends I found on Facebook in one day! That was fun!

4- the number of times I have been to the post office since Monday

12- the number of lunches I have packed since Monday

0- the number of times I have gone to bed before midnight this week

Aloha Friday question- anyone can answer the questions just leave a comment.

How has your week gone? Are you stressed out or

cruising along this holiday season?


AJ said...

You have been BUSY!!! It's great you have been doing so well with Etsy! I really haven't been stressing out this week. We are only buying for the girls this year so that has definitely made it easier-less stressful. I was able to meet up with friends for coffee twice this week so that was a good thing. I have been needing some "me" time! Makes me a much better mommy and wife:)

Jennifer said...

I've had a busy week as well. I thought I'd be done with my shopping by now, but there is always something more to pick up. =)

janetfaye said...

So far I am relaxed and stress free!

TheAngelForever said...

Sounds like you were quite busy this week. Congrats on the Etsy store doing so well.

The week here went well. It seemed to go so quickly until the storm yesterday and today. Oh well, that is winter for you.

sues2u2 said...

Busy lady! I am starting to unwind. My Hubby has been gone all week & well, Border Patrol has been especially active this week so I've not been getting much sleep. A little stressed/exhausting is how my week has gone!

Reformed Grits said...

Cute stuff!
I've bottled 24 bottles of homemade vanilla extract, make pages and pages of labels for gifts and cards, sent 3 cards overseas, 1 package mailed, made 4 jars of vanilla sugar, 3 tins of magnets, tons and tons of food (drat! Need to make the granola!) and am currently working on a triple batch of Hot Chicken Salad. I've sorted all the kids gifts and stocking gifts, made my list, checked it twice... I'm good to go! Breezin' thru! :-)

Kari said...

You have had a busy week. I have to say that I'm totally stressed out this holiday season. Things are very hard for us financially right now, so it makes this time of year especially tough. Hope you have a nice Christmas.

Jenni Jiggety said...

I am stressed out! Totally! I am hoping to get a lot done this weekend!

Em Dy said...

Doing okay because I did my Christmas shopping early. I got a little stressed out though because I couldn't find some of them.