Friday, June 20, 2008

I Know! I know!..It's been awhile!

I Know! I know!..It's been awhile! It will prob be like this all summer. We have been busy with swim lessons for Abigale, Summer Program at school for Rebecca and Hayden and Katherine has been babysitting a ton lately.

We have been going to the library for their summer reading program, to the pool, having friends spend the night. Speaking of spend the night, we will have a crew here tonight watching "Camp Rock". They each have a friend over to watch the new Disney movie.

We live in subdivision that has a golf course and several large ponds. The kids have been fishing most evening since it stays light here until around 9:15. Busy Dad can even get home and fish with them.
They are now at the age to carry their poles, bait their own hook and with team work can unhook their fish...

I am getting ready to take a trip to Vermont to visit my parents and all of my relatives. It will take two days to get there and we are stopping in OH to stay with my BIL and SIL. Can't wait!

(I love this vinyl can get yours here)

I will be driving the monogrammed SUV with all four kids by myself. Busy Dad has to work and will fly up to meet us later in July. We will head towards Washington D.C. with a stop to meet and visit with Rhonda and her crew. (Rhonda- I promise my crew will behave and hopefully you won't regret your decision to meet the Wilson-six)

Did I mention that along with the four kids "George" will be going with us? He is such a help in the car. While I drive he makes sure I don't take a wrong turn. He even has a cool British accent!! The kids named our new GPS George.

I am still getting used to him being in the car but I know it will be great on my two day trip to VT! I got mine at Walmart with free shipping when I had it sent to my local store.

This fun and action packed vacation will lead us to Arlington cemetery where we will have a Full Military Funeral for Busy Dad's Father. I know it will be very hard for the family but the ceremony will be beautiful.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we take to the road and as we say goodbye to a wonderful man.

Aloha Questions of the Week

**Are you going to watch "Camp Rock"*****

**Do you have a GPS? And do you love it?*****

****Have you ever been to Arlington National Cemetery?*****


Steph said...

Love Arlington National Cemetery!
I get chills when I am there!
Have a safe trip!

green3 said...

I hate saying cemeteries rock, but I love Arlington! I could spend daaaaaays there looking around.

We had a HSM2 party and were expected to have a Camp Rock party. Those people are disappointed tonight, to be sure. Good thing for TIVO.

Kim Sue said...

my little one is at summer camp and was a little disappointed that it was tonight but thank goodness for Tivo. we will just have to postpone that until another night.

Cathi said...

I haven't heard of Camp Rock, We have two GPS systems and my husband uses them to go around the corner :) and I haven't been to Arlington Cemetery but it's on my bucket list.

Busy Dad Mumbles said...

Great post. Have a wonderful trip with George.

Rhonda said...

Can't wait to see ya. We are so hoping that July 14 was the 14th, right? If not, let me know and we will work around YOUR (and George's) schedule.

aj said...

Sounds fun AND busy:) We had the cousins over to watch Camp Rock but Tivo stopped in the middle! ACK!! Talk about disappointed kids!! Hope you have a great trip!

kailani said...

Yes, yes, and yes.

I DVR'd Camp Rock, we have a Garmin and love it, and been to Arlington.