Monday, October 22, 2007

Random Acts of Kindness (RAK)

Hi Yall!!

I hope that you and your families have been able to do something for RAK Monday! Please write a post at your blog then come back here and sign the Mr. Linky so that all of us can come by and visit! If you are new and have never posted about RAK that is fine. The more the merrier! If you have not done anything but think this a great idea then please write a post about RAK and send people over here to take a look!

Some random things that we have done.

* dropped off 5 Boo Buckets at random peoples homes.
* made pumpkin bread for our older neighbors that live near us.
* bought a cold water for the greeter at Wal-mart
* sent out 9 packages/letters to GMG (good mail girls)


Becca said...

We 'boo'ed some friends this year as well. I posted about it here (I didn't see a Mr. Linky on your post) -

Sandi said...

I'm not good at posting my own RAKs so I have to tell you about others.

Kati said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog...and thanks for the wonderful ideas for RAK Monday!

KellyKelly said...

Cuteness is the word! I would love to get Riley a long sleeve T like that!

I have a few blogger questions..How do you add music and the ticker? I will figure this all out before long! Thanks for being my first comment! Talk later..K

Barb said...

Okay, Monday. I will try to add thsi to my blogging self improvement program. I'm glad you are sticking with this idea.