Sunday, October 21, 2007

Cuteness!! (is that a word?)

Just a little something that will be sent to my brand new baby cousin (2nd cousin) I am adding them to my J Designs shop.

Pink Toile Onesie with single monogram

Funky Purse Onesie with single monogram on purse!


Busy Dad Mumbles said...

Cuteness is a word. Very nice oneise.

Reformed Grits said...

VERY cute. I've played around with trying this but haven't been brave enough. Maybe now I will. You've embolden me! Or have you emboldened me?
Either way, I think I may have to try it! ;-)

stacey said...

way cute!! wish i had a fancier machine sometimes!

kailani said...

So cute! Anytime you'd like to sponsor a giveaway on my site, just let me know. I'm sure everyone will go crazy for your things!

Christy said...

Too cute!! Love these.