Monday, July 23, 2007

Random Act of Kindness

It is Monday so that means its time for you to post your RAK!! I hope that you and your family have thought of new and fun ways to do something nice for someone.

I am leaving for the beach with the kids tomorrow so I will be posting from the beach for the next few weeks. Please help spread the word about RAK!! We had five people last week and wouldn't it be great to get at least six this week.

My kids are so excited about this and last week I posted about buying the water bottle for the Walmart greeter. Ever since then we have had to buy a water each time we check out of WM!!! I guess this will be a permant RAK in our family!! We are going to see how many we can do on our 12 hour drive to Alabama!!

So my RAK for this week is the same as last week. We handed out water bottles to the WM greeter as we left the store!! We got the same stunned look and the biggest smiles as we were leaving!!Next Monday I should be able to report a lot of different ones! Help spread the word bloggers!!

You can read how all this got started by going here.


FriedOkra said...

Hi Jen - I really love this concept and I hope it catches on with lots of families. I will feature it on my blog this week and ask my (paltry few but very enthusiastic) readers to join in next Monday. Do you have a button I can post or should I just screengrab the picture? Hugs and thanks again!

lelly said...

glad to come by and see all the love!

Sandi said...

I caught the bug

Thanks for the great idea.

Janne said...

What a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing!

Janne at
Janne's Jabberwocky

Becca said...

We finished up our blankets for Project Linus! The kids were excited. Maybe we will ALL be excited about doing kind deeds for others - wouldn't our HOUSE be such a different place!!