Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Vintage Veggie Bags

One of the blogs that I read everyday is Cathe at Just Something I Made. She is a talented graphic designer and always has free designs on her blog. She is fond of everything vintage. She found some great vegetable graphics that she has graciously put on her blog for all of us to download. She has some great ideas on what you can do with them too!

I tried one of her ideas yesterday. I downloaded one of her tomato graphics and uploaded to my Adobe Pagemaker, I added some text and then printed on a brown paper lunch sack ( do this at your own risk!! haha) I had a few paper jams but nothing the printer couldn't handle!

My parents who live in New Hampshire have a garden that is over flowing with veggies right now. So I made them some sacks to put their extras in that they can give to friends and neighbors!

Thanks Cathe for the great idea!


Alicia W. said...

How neat! Thanks for sharing. I love it.

Cathe Holden said...

Jennifer, I just logged on to find your post and this completely rocked my morning! Thank you SO much for sharing your fabulous bags with the vintage graphics!! I'm glad your printer could handle it. I've fed some pretty risky stuff through mine and it’s somehow still kicking.

Your parents are going to love these!


Jennifer said...

Jennifer-- what a cute idea! I bet they'll love those bags!

I love Cathe's blog, she never ceases to amaze me at her beautiful designs.

linda said...

You girls are just so crafty...and such an inspiration!

Your parents are gonna love the bags, adorable!

Anonymous said...

woops, "the tomatoes are out of the bag" I see the bags and I love them. Hope they arrive soon as tomatoes are going fast! Thanks! Love, Mom

Busy Dad Mumbles said...

Very creative idea!

Ann said...

You find the coolest things! What would I do without you??? Let's not find out,ok :)

Anonymous said...

You are amazing. I get excited when I get the floor mopped..laundry done..dishes put away........ and all my homework done before the kids homework and activities begin!


Beth Dunn said...

Those are adorable! xoxo