Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Three snow days, two glasses of wine and a Partrige in a Pear Tree

Yes, We are on Day THREE of no school because of ice and snow. Not much snow but thick ice on the roads. Not sure if the county I live in has ever heard of SNOW PLOWS or SALTING the ROADS!! We do live in Missouri where it does snow about 3 or 4 times a year and we always shut down and school closes!

The kids have had a ball playing on the ice, building snowmen and having their friends spend the night. I was hoping on getting the last bit of my Christmas shopping down without children in tow but that has not happened. I am crossing my fingers that they go back tomorrow so I can have one day without any children. IS that too much to ask??


linda said...

Nope, not to much to ask for at all! They need to get back in school for at least a few days because it'll be Christmas break soon...and it sounds like some shopping needs to get done!

(I'm doing less shopping this year, cutting back. My kids are older and no one needs anything. They understand and totally agree. I told Courtney...Jesus only got 3 gifts so that's my new motto!)

Rhonda said...

This just makes me smile from ear to ear. I love it. My kids are wearing their jammies inside out and PRAYING for a snow day. Should I tell them that their prayers may be answered come tomorrow morning?

Busy Dad Mumbles said...

How could you not want to spend time at home with these sweet children.

I should would like to be able to have a snow day. Some of us still had to brave the snow and ice to work the salt mine.

Thanks for sharing the great pictures.

Ann(ie) said...

OH how I love the title! And the pics. We've had 2 snow days....remember to toss some of that wine back for moi. 8) I'm eating enough chocolate for the both of us, though and I made chex mix tonight....*sigh*'s almost gone. =/

AJ said...

I love snow days! Such great pictures:)

green3 said...

Snow day? I can still see grass poking through behind the kids!