Monday, October 06, 2008

It's All Fun Until Someone Gets Hurt

This weekend was going to be action packed with soccer, football watching, soccer, a birthday party, soccer...Did I mention soccer?

We had a big rain storm on Saturday so three soccer games were cancelled. We were supposed to head to some friends to watch football but they were under the weather. So we watched from home, Alabama win (it was not a pretty win but we will take it) and Auburn lose (bummer).

Sunday we had two soccer games in Arkansas for Rebecca and they asked if Katherine would be a guest player since they were short a couple of girls. It worked out that they were playing in a U14 league and Rebecca's team was playing up an age group so both girls were on the same team.



It was a very intense game with the Pink Panthers aged 10-12 with my oldest guest playing at age 13 playing a team with girls aged 12- 14. They were elbowing, hip checking and tripping. Did I mention the tripping?

Katherine fell right onto her wrist and immediately was holding onto it. We iced it and Busy Dad took her to the Doc in the Box back in MO. They were unsure if a bone might be broken so we are headed to the Ortho today after school. She has a wrap on it and a note for no PE for 2 weeks. Not sure how Computer Keyboarding class and Band will go.

Busy Dad was able to get from AR to MO to the Doctor with three kids in tow and get Abigale to her birthday party on time! Go Busy Dad!!

It's All Fun Until Someone Gets Hurt!!!!!


AJ said...

That stinks!!! I hope it's not broken! Good luck! And way to go Busy Dad!

Reformed Grits said...

Oh my goodness. Don't we know how THAT works! It's amazing how many ARMS are broken during soccer-- not legs!

Jennifer said...

Ouch-- poor thing. Hopefully it's not broken.

kim said...

How is Kassie's arm? I have a friend at work named Katherine and I keep wanting to call her Kassie. :)

Miss you!