Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Goodie Bag Stickers-PDF file

Are you the room mom in charge of putting the goodie bags together? I just made some stickers for my kids treat bags.
They are a full sheet of stickers that have 12 on a page. Just print out the PDF file on Sticker paper. This is a Full Sheet of Sticker paper that you can get at Office Max, Office Depot and other Office supply stores. Then print them out and cut the 12 squares out.
I added a second PDF file that has a Generic Sticker. I took off the Room Mom part.
I put them on white lunch sacks and then filled with goodies!

You can thank me later!! (if you use it let me know)


AJ said...

Jennifer! I am so going to use your stickers! Thanks so much for sharing:)

Amanda K said...

Thanks for stopping by my little store! Your blog is so fun and you are so crafty! I love looking at all your stuff!

Rhonda said...

I was able to download the file and all and then my printer had no ink. I was so sad... oh well...next time.

I still remember the FUN "BOO" you did to our family last year. We hope you come back through this summer.