Monday, September 29, 2008

Sports Family

I am not sure if we could be any busier this year at our house. I think we have always been busy but with three in sports this go around I am not sure if I am coming or going.

Katherine decided this summer that she was going to try out for the Junior High volleyball team. She went to a camp in August and then went to tryouts the first week of school. There were a lot of 8th grade girls trying out and she was lucky enough to make the team. She has worked very hard learning the basics and getting her serve over.

Last Monday her team lost the first game and then won the second game. This called for a third game (tiebreaker) They were up by a few points and were playing to 15. Katherine got up to serve and ended up serving 7 in a row to win the game! I am not sure if I could have yelled any louder! I was so proud of her!
(She ran up into the stands after the game and gave us a big hug!)

Saturday we had three soccer games. Abigale had two back to back and Rebecca had one. It is always hard when two children are playing at the same time. I stayed with Abigale and Busy Dad went to Rebecca's.

Rebecca took a year off from playing soccer and has started back with a vengeance. She is very determined and is a go getter out on the field. This past Sat. the coach put her in as a forward since one of her team members was not at the game. Rebecca was thrilled to play a different position and a chance to score some goals for the team.

Busy Dad would call me with updates through out the game. Rebecca had a great shot on goal but lofted it over the net. She had two assists that got her team some goals. Then towards the end of the game I got a call that she had scored a goal and her team had won the game. I am not sure if she could have grinned any wider!! Great Job Becca Boo! I am proud of you!

Then we have Abigale (miniature Mia Hamm) In her first game she scored 6 goals and the second game she scored 7. They play 3 on 3 in their age group and they don't have goalies. So if someone gets the ball and can run fast then they will prob score a goal. Well Abigale was not having any of that. When the other team would get the ball she would run faster and get in the goalie box and kick it away so they would not score. Those poor kids who thought they could get a goal...

Since she is the youngest of four and has been going to soccer games and practices since she was a newborn...I think she has picked up a few pointers from her big sisters!

(Kicking in her first goal of the day)

(I think this was number 10 of the day)

(This is her kicking it in the goal, and this is me cutting her head off because I was so excited....I need a better camera :-)


Amber said...

Congrats to all the sports stars!!!!

AJ said...

How exciting! I'm hoping my girls will pick up at least ONE sport. At least one that doesn't involve dancing and twirling:)

Gwendolyn said...

I am totally not athletic. That's why when my son's gymnastics coach told me that he was a "gifted gymnast" I almost fell in the floor. Genetically, how is that possible? I love watching him, though...even though I could never even do a cartwheel. LOL
You have a very talented bunch of children!

Reformed Grits said...

Awesome for them! Good to have them in sports. We only have 1 playing now, and oops, he broke his arm so there's no sports at ALL. How depressing. DH and I both were sports crazy in HS... How did we get 1 of 6 playing? Weird...

green3 said...

I feel overwhelmed with two kids to follow to sporting events. I can't imagine 4! We're enjoying it, though. Some day we'll miss this busyness, won't we?

stacey said...

your calendar must look crazy!

Kim Sue said...

I love that my daughter plays sports and I love to cheer (sometimes I think she wishes that I didn't)!