Friday, August 01, 2008

School Supplies

Today started our Tax Free Weekend here in Missouri! So we headed to the Mall to pick up some much needed jeans and then to Walmart for all the school school supplies and socks and underwear. School starts August 20 here in our town.

When we got home all the craziness began. Sorting the folders, binders, pencils, erasers, and highlighters. With four children we had a ton of supplies.
***********Aloha Friday questions****

Have you bought your school supplies yet? When does your school start? Do you have a Tax Free Weekend in your state?


momof3crazykids-Val said...

We just bought our supplies on Wednesday, and our school doesn't start until the 25th. Here in Texas our tax free weekend is usually the first weekend of August but I haven't heard a thing about it. I'm gonna go check that out right now.

Cathi said...

Our grandson will be in the third grade and goes to school around the corner from us. We pick up things we think he might need here at the house for after school.
We don't have tax free anything in good ole California but...we had school and Hurricane season tax free in Florida.

TheAngelForever said...

My son starts kindergarten September 3. The school has sent nothing about supplies to buy yet. I am going to call them Monday to inquire about a list. I know one exists and I want to get started with the great sales now. I have already bought a few things for home that were amazing. I believe there is a tax free week on clothing only here in early September, but not too sure when. We never wait until that week because the stores are too much of a zoo.

Have a great weekend!

The Woman said...

yes we are done, finito, supplies, clothes and shoes.

Tax free weekend? How does that work, I mean I guess I'm jealous Indiana doesn't have that

green3 said...

Haven't even started the school thing yet. This was our tax free weekend here in Iowa, but I didn't take part. I'm hoping to order their shoes online and buy their supplies one day over lunch. If I take the whole crew for a day of shopping, I'll be broke by the end of the day!

Dee said...

I'm so proud of myself, this is the first year that I bought the supplies early! Yay for me and Noah who get's to take all the supplies to school on the first day, which is day after labor day.

No we don't have a tax free day. Wa doesn't have state taxes tho and no tax on food items.

Ginny said...

I've got some of our school supplies. My youngest barely needs any, the elementary school supplies almost everything. My oldest is going into middle school & I have her stuff for the first marking period, but still need to pick up some more folders & notebooks for the rest of the year. They have to be certain colors & I've been having a hard time finding the colors at good deals.

We do not have a tax free weekend here in Michigan. Our school goes back September 2nd.

kailani said...

Girlie Girl actually started school a few weeks ago and is already on a 3 week break. *sigh*

BTW, love the new look!

aj said...

Our school sells the supplies all packaged together but school supply shopping is my "high." I keep that list with me all summer long and get so excited when I find such good deals. It's rubbing off onto my girls:) I'm not sure about that tax free day?! BTW, I used to live near St.Louis. I loved that city!