Friday, May 23, 2008

What's in a Name?

Two and a half years ago when I started this blog I really did not take much time when coming up with a name. I was so original. I put my last name and how many were in our family. Wilson-six.

It was after ready blog after blog and seeing the catchy names, phrases and just down right cute blog design that I realized I really was not fond of the Wilson-six. So I have been debating on changing the look and name of my blog. I think I have decided on a name and now am working on the look part of it.

So my Aloha question is....

*** Did you take a lot of time when coming up with your blog name?***

**What does your blog name mean to you?*****

**If you could rename my blog what would you come up with?*****
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Karen said...

Honestly, no. (It shows, doesn't it. lol).

I knew I wanted something with my name and considering I'm a writer, I wanted something to reflect that part of my life, too.

And of course, the play on words is sort of my "thing."

I'm such an English geek! *grin*

Write From Karen

Susie said...

No, I couldn't think of anything and I had "Nothing Clever to Say..." thus, the name of the blog.

green3 said...

My blog is a variation of my boys' real life names. My goal is to start a collection of rustic looking number 3s that are green in color. I thought I could do a wall collage type thingy.

jennifer in OR said...

I actually like your name the way it is! For an alternative, I would consider the focus of your blog and the goals of your writing, and go from there.

My own name, Diary of 1, was a bit of an accident and not at all thought through. My original blog, that I had for about 1 week, was called Diary of Christian Living, and my husband said it was way too long. The admin. name randomly assigned by my blog host was diaryof1, and thus, my new blog.

Reformed Grits said...

Well, it took a little time. Like just thinking about it a bit, and it just came to me. I like it now.
Reformed has to do with the fact that I'm reformed in theology (as opposed to dispensational) but see, I suppose you'd only really hook on that if you were a theology geek or married to a seminarian like I am... :-) Grits is, you know, Girl Raised In The South....
Those are the two big elements of who I am and it just fits.
As far as your blog, if you really feel you must change it I'd go with your creative/crafty type idea in the headline:
or something like that... I'm not super creative that way, LOL

Rhonda said...

Oh I like this post.

I went with what my kids always mouthed off to me when they would challenge my rules or be miffed at something I was making them do. All the while, they would be rolling eyes, or worse...moving their heads from side to side while saying ... "because Mom said so, that's why!" Then, I would always follow with "...and don't you forget it!"

Well, I know mine is long, but I think people remember the name well enough. I have a friend who's husband is in the FBI and she was always cautioning me against using my real name in anything that had public access. Thus, no name in my blog or 4 of my 6 my e-mails that are used more often.

Whew... what an explanation for such simple questions.

Bonggamom said...

I've always posted as bonggamom, so I knew that my blog title would have bonggamom in it. Getting the exact title (Finding Bonggamom) did take a couple of tries, though.

Busy Dad Mumbles said...

My title came from a comment from my family. The kids said "Dad is Busy." Considering I don't have anything really good to say most of my comments would be just mumbles. So the name, busydadmumbles.

Just wanted to share.

Christie O. said...

i like your title and blog design! (love the swan saying too, that makes me chuckle every time).

i used to have "the mis-adventures of captain poopy" because i was awestruck by my tiny poopy baby. but then as i started to blog more about my own life and thoughts i wanted something to reflect more of "me". baby tea leaves just kind of came up -- and made sense. i love tea (and white tea) and the baby tea leaves was also kind of metaphorical for my little guys. but it took months of mulling over. i went through zillions of names and one day, poof! there it was. good luck! but i do like yours! it reminds me of a team and i love the idea of a family team.

kailani said...

I'm much happier with my current blog name than I was with my former pink one. As for your blog, I've known it as Wilson Six for such a long time that it just wouldn't be the same as a different name.

Leigh said...

My daughter named my blog, because she also designed it. She basically told me to sit down and type. How lame is that? LOL