Friday, May 30, 2008

Look who graduated from Pre-School

Abigale had her graduation last week from Pre-School. All of my children have gone to pre-school before starting Kindergarten but none of them had a ceremony with cap and gown. It was so cute watching the kids walk down the aisle of the church and stand up front with their caps and gowns on.

When we moved to Missouri we discovered the cut off for starting Kindergarten was July 31. Abigale will turn 5 on August 19. She misses the cutoff by 19 days. Bummer for us! However, if we sell our house this summer and get moved to Arkansas she will get to start Kindergarten since the cutoff is Sept 1! So pray that the house sells and the last Wilson will get to start Kindergarten.

(Abigale with her teachers Mrs. Deborah and Mrs. Wendy)


Rhonda said...

Man, just test her out and get that little girl into Kindergarten. Sounds like she is so ready.

Such a cute picture in her white gown.

Ann(ie) said...

awwww. Way to GO, Abigale. You are adorable!!