Friday, May 16, 2008

Birthday Party Ideas

As all of you know my oldest turned 13 last week. We had 15 girls spend the night Saturday night. While everyone was being dropped off we were under a Tornado Warning and it was a bit hectic. Thank goodness we have a basement! Finally the sun came out and the party began.

Katherine loves doing crafts so I had all the girls make their own personalized clipboards. This was a neat idea since it was a several step process of painting the boards with Modge Podge and then letting it dry then doing the same with the back and letting it dry. In between steps we cooked out hot dogs, opened gifts, played guitar hero and ate cookie cake.
(I only burned myself once with the glue gun!)

(All the girls with their clipboards)

I had also set up a black back drop for a photo booth. I took pictures of all the girls doing silly things. They even got into Abigale's tiaras and had those on their heads. I printed the photos out in a column of four pictures and at the bottom I put "Thank you for coming to my Party, Love Katherine"

(I had Rebecca and Abigale test out the photo

booth before the party started)

When Katherine wrote her thank you notes she included the pictures of each girl that had been taken and we put in a group shot that I had taken. I went to Walmart at their self service photo kiosk and put "Katherine's 13th Birthday" at the bottom of the picture. It turned out cute.

The girls watched 13 going on 30 before they all fell asleep. I kind of warned them that they were not going to stay up to all hours since the next day was Mother's Day. I think it helped that all but three girls were on Katherine's soccer team and they had played two games in Arkansas that day.

So the girls took home a clipboard and had some fun photo's for their party favor.

My Aloha Questions are these....

***What fun thing have you given out for party favors?****

***Have you ever had 15 girls spend the night at your house?******

****Do you have a teenager in your house?*********


stacey said...

what fun!

i escaped with only 2 sleeping over versus 9 a few weeks ago!

we did a daytime pj party which included flashlights-i bet you could personalize them and make them cuter than i did!

last year, we hunted stuffed "animals" at the park for our diego party. each kid got a toilet paper roll telescope that i had decorated.

just wanted to say i totally understand your life right now, so i will be thinkin' of you as all the moving stuff happens!

Spice said...

What a cool idea that is about the photos!!! I'm trying to think of something cool I did as a favor. Only thing I can think of was for my oldest one year we had a beach themed kind of party and I sent the kids home with beach buckets, shovels, sunglasses and something else all in the bucket. My Aloha Friday is up at my Spice World blog. Happy Friday!

Jennifer in OR said...

Wow. I have nothing to say! No teenagers yet. Party favors? Just little bags of this-n-that, nothing special. You are an amazing host!

Susie said...

Fifteen 13 year olds?! Ack!

linda said... are sooo clever with those party ideas. Of course, I love the clip boards and I WILL order one from you one day...but I love love love the photo idea too. How do you go about getting all 4 photos on one page. Do you need photoshop or something like it to do this project? I would love to attempt it!

Jenn said...

I got a big box and filled it with favor-type things like crafts and such, then let the kids pick out their own stuff. It was great because the kids picked out what they wanted!

I don't have a teenager in my house (yet!) but I'm trying to prepare myself, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Before I married, I was a missionary teacher, and I led a Bible Study for Jr./Sr. High Girls. We had a sleepover fun! I love working with teenagers. No kids of my own yet...though we are hoping soon!

Cathi said...

My child party days are gone as my youngest is 26. I did have more than my share. During the summer kids would come over and stay for days. They would phone their parents and ask to stay another day. The kid's lived in the swimming pool, in trees, on bikes and spent the evenings playing wicked games of hide and seek...
and capture the flag.

kailani said...

I have never had that many girls in my home at once. You're a very brave woman!

Sorry I'm so late!