Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Earth Day! Aloha Friday

** I posted this on Wednesday but thought I would put it up for my Aloha Friday Question (question is at the bottom of the post)***

Happy Earth day! What are you doing to help make this world we live in a better place? We do not have a city recycling pickup in our town so I make the once a week trip to the local recycling center to drop off all of our boxes and plastic water bottles. Yes, we still drink out of the water bottles. I have heard on all of the news shows about how unhealthy the plastic is but so far we are still drinking out of them.

Maybe if everyone in my family had one of these cool Sigg water bottles we could eliminate all that plastic we are using. If you would like to try and win some for your family just go to the giveaways here, here , here and here.

Earth Day Tote giveaway here.

Here is a cool tote made from recycled Wal-mart bags. You can sign up at her blog to win it!

You can sign up here to win 5 Retro Envirosax reusable bags.

You can sign up here to win Greenlite Environmentally friendly light bulbs.

When we came home last night this was hanging on our front door. A plant in a cute tin bucket with the tag that said "With Love from your Favorite Greeniac" Thanks Kim!!

***What are you doing to help the environment at your house??**


Kim Sue said...

great links - maybe this will motivate me to do more!

Elle*Bee said...

I was very frustrated to learn that - other than a newspaper recycling place - there is no where in my town to recycle aluminum, glass or plastic. :-(

A friend bought me a refillable water bottle so I'm trying to cut back on our post-consumer waste. Louisiana is not famous for being "green" so it's a challenge.

Great post!

kailani said...

I love that water bottle design. Very zen.

Jennifer said...

We use cloth grocery bags and recycle as much as we can. Oh, and I switched to cloth napkins last fall. No more paper towels either (though I still have 6-7 leftover in my stockpile).

Cathi said...

I haven't built a "green house" or installed solar panels however, at our house we recycle and we also have an extra garbage container for green waste which consists of grass clippings, tree clippings and weeds.
We also conserve our water and electricity and most importantly the petrol for our cars.

Heather said...

We are converting all of our light bulbs over to the compact flurescent bulbs. And I want to get reusable grocery bags, just haven't done that yet.

Christine said...

The girls and I are planting some seeds today.

Rhonda said...

We are drying clothes outside all this week and praying that the birds flying overhead miss us!

We also are doing all our errands together... yikes. Peter and I are so different that way and I hate going to Home Depot about as much as he has dis-liked shopping for my TEVA'S!

Liza's Eyeview said...

the usual recycling bottles and cans. I was given a green bag at the County Fair - I should start using that too..

kailani said...

Oh yeah, and we recycle and try to conserve water and electricity.

Sandi said...

Been out of touch. Sounds like you are on top of the green thing. I am using all cloth grocery bags. Fry's gives 5 cents off for each of your own bags used. I even crocheted one. It is very cute.