Monday, April 07, 2008

The Biggest Loser

My Blog friend Christy at Baby Tea Leaves is having a Biggest Loser-Blog Edition over at her place! She is giving away great prizes! Just head on over and let her know you want to partipate. Start your weight loss strategy today and every Friday head over to her blog and let her know how much you have lost. Easy Peasy!! Its not to late to sign up!!

Here are the rules:
The rules:

-Grab a ticker like mine and stick it on your blog. You don't have to proudly display your weight (I am most definitely not!). Instead, your weightloss goal.

-Every Friday will be "Fat Ticker Friday" where we weigh in and update our tickers with our weightloss. Again, you don't have to announce to the world your current weight, just how much you lost for that week. The first one will be next Friday, April 11th.

-Link back to here on Fridays and leave a comment, and here's the good part! There will be raffle prizes drawn at random!

-You can track your progress in your posts, post low-cal recipes you ran across, tips, or vent about how sucky your lack of motivation is, whatever. Let's be each other's rock!

-Final weigh-in is Friday, June 6th.

Let me know if you are going to do it!


Christie O. said...

yayy! welcome!

Rhonda said...

Haha... so does having the flu for a week, and losing 6 pounds count? Oh man... the thought of food right now makes me sick. Although, I did notice every time I walk past the bag of cheese doodles, I am shoving some in my face!!!