Monday, March 03, 2008

Random Acts of Kindness

Thanks for all the comments on my earlier post! I will have to document more of my craft ideas.

A few weeks ago I was at our local Hobby Lobby and this sweet old lady was checking out ahead of me. She had lots of packages and could not get them all to her car by herself. The cashier was going to page someone to help her get to her car but I told her if she could wait until I had paid for my things I would help her to her car. So I gathered up all my packages and her packages and we slowly walked to her car. She kept thanking me and thanking me for helping her. I was glad that I was there and could help!

Have you done anything in the last few weeks that was a RAK (Random Act of Kindness)? Please write about it on your blog and come back her and link directly to it! We would all love to hear about it. Fell free to grab the RAK button and put it on your blog.


Stephenson Family said...

This last month we participated in a pencil drive that my nephew put together. His dad is in Iraq and told them those little children over there are so grateful when they are given pencils - really, anything, but the pencils are something they get the most use out of. So, my nephew decided to do a pencil drive at school and then we sent some to him as well. Such a great idea!

Elle*Bee said...

I don't have any RAK's to report. Too busy "fighting fires" on the homefront, but you certainly have a RAK to report: buying from a brand new jewelry designer on Etsy!

Haven't seen you post lately. Hope all's well. Looking forward to hearing how you like the earrings. They should be there any day now.