Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Linky Love

I was reading my morning blogs and came across this hilarious post from Mir at Woulda Coulda Shouda. I had to share it with all of you. I don't usually link to specific posts of other bloggers but this one left me laughing!!

After reading it come back here and answer these questions...

**Have you ever felt like resigning from your post of Mom?*****
**Do you do any of these things in your house? and have they worked?*


stacey said...

we have had a LOT of conversations lately about extreme lack of gratefulness, which of course equals disrespect in my book.

i have a feeling some changing needs to happen on my end first though so i can better manage their "issues".

sad to think i am referring to my 6 year old and 3.5 year old as having "issues"!! :O

linda said...

It was such a fun and well written post. Thank you for the link. Too funny yet all too true!

Susie said...

Ha ha ha ha! I LOVED it. I need to print it out for my 12 year old.

Sandi said...

Hi Jen, 1. Yes and made a rule that if you went on any kind of fun trip and then when you are tired that night or the next day turn alien, no more trips.
2. Oh, no, I NEVER said ANYTHING rude to my children :-) 3. Never did wake up my children, if they wanted to get where they were going bad enough, they woke up to the alarm. 4. My children did their own laundry starting at age 8. 5,6 and 7. Love these, didn't think of them or I would have 8. Can't remember helping my children with homework, I'll have to ask them what they remember 9. Attended everything possible and have received the appropriate appreciation as years have passed 10. Too many examples to put here. Furthermore, as a Mom, I went off work at 8:00 p.m. Get your own drink. I'm just sitting.

Elle*Bee said...

Been there, done (most of) that.

#2) Gosh, Son #2 has been soooo sensitive lately - he's 11.

#4) If it's not in the hamper, I don't wash it. Period. (Number 4a: if I find it in the pocket when I'm sorting laundry, I get to keep it if I want it. Or pitch it at my discretion.)

#5) Anything left anywhere is lovingly tossed into a basket by me. If it's still in the basket the next day, it's pitched or donated. Or eaten, if it's candy.

#10) Kids - 634, Mom - 0. I concede this one. I try. Really I do. But I've had to choose my battles. So if Son #2 is chilly at the bus stop wearing shorts when it's 50 degrees, and Son #3 insists on lugging around his heavy coat when it's 75 degrees, so be it.

But then, I'm Slacker Mom! ;-)

Christie O. said...

HILARIOUS!! yes, I have felt this way on many an occasion. My kids aren't old enough for field trips and some of the other things on the list (still in diapers), but I very often feel like my job is based on a very long, very far away deferred payment of love that may or may not be obvious. So for now, I leave it up to their representative (my husband)to show me some appreciation and he does a pretty good job. And I change lots of poop. For love.

Christy said...

I got a card from you! Thank you so much! I was so surprised to get it-your so thoughtful!

Kim Sue said...

cracking me up - what mom hasn't felt exactly like that (and wife for that matter).

Rhonda said...

Now that I have been in bed for 4 stinking days, and came downstairs to my mess of a home, I am convinced pigs live cleaner lives. I too want to resign, but know that "this too shall pass!"


Linda said...

Wow what a funny and on target post. Thanks for sharing it with us. I wanted to let you know I used your teacher's gift idea and they were so simple and turned out great.(I posted them on my blog tonight giving you credit of course) Thanks for sharing it and the tutorial.