Sunday, February 17, 2008

It's Award Time!!

I just got finished reading some of my favorite blogs and what did I find???

Kailani at An Island Life has given me an award!

The spreader of Love Award!! How cool is that. Since I got the award I get to give this out to 10 more people. So in no particular order I am Paying it forward to these lovely bloggers!!

Kristi at Everything Pink

Lelly at Amuse-bouche

So all of you go out and spread the love and pass this on to some of your bloggy friends!!


Reformed Grits said...

Thanks, Jennifer!!!!!! I enjoy being inspired at your blog with all the creative things you make. Thank you!
Next time you come "home" email me and I'll try to not be so dumbfounded! ;-)

Rhonda said...

THANK YOU... I am so happy to have this award. I would like to thank my mother and ....


You are so kind. Where do you find the time? I am absolutely going to Pay if Forward. 10 times... right?

Ann(ie) said...

THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!! I'm going to give you a proper shout out tomorrow when my brain is working and I can string a post together. You are the sweetest!! Happy Weekend my bloggy pal!!

kailani said...

You definitely deserve it! When I received the award, you were the first person I thought of!

lelly said...

awwww....shucks!! just what i needed to snap me out of a funk.

heather said...

Hey~ I tagged you! Check the Swanky Paper blog for details!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the love, sister! Getting awards is always fun. :) Love it!


Anonymous said...

I don't know how she does it either and I raised her. She has always been so sweet and thoughtful. Our 30 plus immediate family members are always getting lovely cards and gifts.
We love her dearly!!! Mom xxxooo(MiMi)

Judi said...

Thank you! You are too sweet! You deserve this award!

Barbara Doduk said...

Congrats on receiving My Spreader of Love Award.

You don't have to give it to 10 people, you can give it to as many as you like actually. But it is wonderful to see you giving it out. It is better to give than receive!

B @ The Love Blog