Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Good Mail

I have recently been very lucky when heading to the mailbox. Look at all the good mail that has come!!

Aunt Polly sent this great package with Valentine treats and Rebecca's birthday gifts. Notice the large container of Jelly Belly's?? Rebecca is supposed to share with us.

This package came from Jen. The photo tile is fantastic and it will be sitting on my kitchen counter for all to see. Want one? You can have your own by going here. Tiffany's earrings!!!!! When I saw the bag and then the wrapped box with the white bow and then the cute little drawstring bag and then THE EARRINGS! Holy cow! I have worn them every day since getting them. Its hard to believe that a year ago we were in New York for our girls weekend and we went to Tiffany's!!

This was sent by blogger Joyful Notes for the Valentine swap that An Island Life had! What great things! That chocolate did not have a chance in this house!! Thanks Jenny!!
*** read Jenny's funny story about getting my swap gift in the mail*****

This was our table on Valentines Day. Notice the box of chocolates on each plate. Those were sent by my Mom for all of us. She had written our names on them and I used them as our place cards. The kids loved all the red and pink on the table. The red vase has a single red carnation in it. Rebecca had brought her own $2.00 to school that day to buy the flower for me. I had no idea. They were raising money for a family that had lost their house to a fire over Christmas.

My LOVE swap just arrived today and what cool things. Missy hosted the Love swap and we had to send somthing that started with each letter of LOVE. RoRo Island had my name!

L- Learn something new- the Sudoku book. Can't wait to try it out!

O- Overindulge- Chocolates, body lotion and hopefully some time for myself.

V- Virus-haha Hand Sanitizer for all those virus out there.

E- Enjoy a movie with my hubby!

She also sent the cute froggy valentine photo frame.

Thanks RoRo!

Here is what I sent Missy for her Love swap.

L- Lavender ( I made a lavender sachet out of the cute apple/pear fabric)

O- Orbit gum

V-Vanilla Candle

E- Envelopes ( I also included some personalized Toile notecards with the envelopes )

I also sent some chocolates, some bakers twine and some valentine socks.

I sent Missy notecards with her name on it (not Kim like in the photo), but when I snapped the picture I just grabbed some of the notecards that I had been making that day. So Kim I hope you got your notecards. :-)

Have you gotten any good mail lately?


Andie said...

Love all your good mail.

I have to know though. Do those earrings hurt your ears? Or do I have freakishly small holes? Because I tried wearing those, and the posts were bigger than normal, so I had to take them back (sad).

LOVED that LOVE swap!

kailani said...

Wow! You received some great things this Valentine's Day! You truly deserve it!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you liked your gifts. It was fun! And I'm glad you liked my story too! ;-) HA!

Raskills said...

How fun! I LOVE good mail. You are very creative - I'll have to add your blog to my Blog Reader. :)

Missy said...

Tiffany is GOOD MAIL!

But, I LOVE my LOVE swap package! Thank you soooooo much!



Shultzybabe said...

How fun! Your blog is way cute. What is Good Mail and how would I join? That sounds too fun!