Thursday, February 07, 2008

Good Mail

ITs been awhile since I posted about good mail. I got this great box in the mail last week from Kristi! She recycles her boxes and uses them for Good Mail. What a great idea!

I love Ribbon! You should see my workroom..I have organizing drawers filled with every color ribbon. I was so excited to see the pink polka dot ribbon. I already used some of it for this burp cloth for a friend.! Thanks Kristi for the great good mail.Now don't feel left out about not getting some good mail. I have this going out in the mail today. Maybe one of these packages is for you?
I thought I would recycle a box of popcorn and a box of Smuckers PBJ's!!


Sherry said...

Ooo love the idea of Good Mail. I could use some Good Mail to make up for all of the Bad Mail!! :)

Judi said...

Good Mail is wonderful! Look at the loot you are sending out!