Thursday, February 07, 2008

DIY, Valentine Tags

I love cute hang tags on gifts. I love making them, picking out the cute paper and tieing the string on them. I made some cute ones at Christmas and thought I would make more for Valentines. I thought I would share how I made them in case you wanted to make some.

1) White cards stock
2) patterned card stock ( I used red with white polka dots)
3) Large circle punch (hobby Lobby)
4) Heart punch (Hobby Lobby)
5) Foam dots (Hobby Lobby)
6) Red/white Bakers Twine (Etsy) (shamless plug since this is my Etsy)
7) small hole punch (Wal-mart)
8) Printer

The first thing I did was print the letters LOVE out on the red polka dot paper using my printer. Space them out accordingly. I used Mr. Giggles Font. I then used the heart punch and popped them out. Then I used the big circle punch and punched out all the big white circles using the plain white card stock. I took one of the foam circle double side sticky things and put it on the back of the heart and then placed it on the white circle card stock. Then put a hole punch at the top and thread through with your red/white bakers twine. I think they turned out so cute! I also made some that said Happy Valentines on the heart. The possibilities are endless. At Christmas I punched out a Christmas tree and I put the white card stock through the printer instead of the patterned paper. I put "Merry Christmas love The Wilson's" and then put the cute tree next to the words.

The circle punch is an investment but if you use this coupon at Hobby Lobby you will get it for 40% off. They usually have a coupon every week so you could start buying punches every week and have everything you need in no time!! If you make your own let me know so I can check them out!!These were made for my LOVE swap. Each package has something in it that starts with the letters of LOVE!!

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