Monday, November 05, 2007

Random Acts of Kindness

I was really hoping that with all the traffic from last weeks Fall Yall Giveaway that I would get some more entries in the RAK Mr. Linky. I think the only thing I did was to confuse some of the people trying to win the prize. I had about 15 people sign the Mr. Linky under the RAK post but they were just trying to register for the prize. So, I thought I would try this again.

It is Monday the regular scheduled day for RAK. If you or a family member has had a RAK moment then please write about it on your blog and then sign the Mr. Linky below.

I am not sure if you read ours from last week so you can click on Busy Dad Mumbles (DH blog) and read about it.

Also, I wanted to suggest that maybe someone has done a RAK for you. If so then post about that.

Thanks for participating! Please help spread the word. You can capture the logo and put it on your sidebar if you would like. Does anyone know how to make it link to me in HTLM format? I would love to have the code for that...any of you techno people want to help me out?


Laane said...


What kind of link do you want??

Laane said...

I have it on a graphic so the code won't get lost.

It's here:

Laane said...


I'm not stalking you. LOL!

Yes, it's a graphic.
You can copy it and save it.

I can't use the html because you won't be able to read it because it'll be converted.

Becky Porter said...

Thanks for giving me the motivation to reach out to others more often :)

stacey said...

ok, don't hate me for not following the rules! it's just i have already overposted for today, but i really was nice to someone today :)

a grandmother trying to unload groceries with her baby/toddler grandson on her shoulder. i couldn't resist...i helped her unload her groceries into her trunk. she was so sweet!

Rhonda said...

Yesterday, someone (I have a clue who it may have been) left a basket of sugar cookies on my doorstep.

They were my family's dessert last night. The note was so kind and mentioned that they hope I "feel better"!

Of course, cookies are always a way to my heart and soul and someone out there certainly knew that!