Tuesday, September 25, 2007

One Year Anniversary!!

******And the Winners are........*************
I used the Random Number generator to pick the winners so here they are
Comment # 4 which was Rhonda
Comment # 19 which was BooMama
Comment # 11 which was Nicole
Comment # 5 which was Kristi

So girls drop me an email with your address so I can get your prizes in the mail!! Thanks for playing along!

How time flies when your having fun........
What a great year it has been in the blog world. I have learned alot over the last 365 days...like...

* I learned what Mr. Linky is and how to use one...thanks Kailani

* I learned how to put a link on my blog

* I learned how to add pictures

* I learned how to add people to my blogroll

* I learned about Meme's from Shannon and her weekly WFMW (Works for Me Wednesday)

* I have learned what HTML code is and I am a smart enough person to realize I need to call the experts in when I am stuck. Thanks to Lindsay and all her help last year.

* I learned how to read every ones blog without clicking on their blog every 5 minutes to see if they had posted something new... (thanks Bloglines)
* I learned to get Organized thanks to Laura. I even came in third in her Organizational Challenge. You can see my before and after here.

* I learned about Good Mail and thanks to Annie have a huge list of Good Mail Girls to send things to.
* I learned to laugh out loud when reading some of Annie's posts.

* I learned about Pink Christmas..(Kristi, I can't wait for my pink envelope)
* I learned how this great world of Bloggy love can come together as one and provide for wonderful causes..( Like Heather and Kelli)
* I have learned about MIRL (Met in Real Life) friends. Thanks to Kim at Reformed Grits.
* I have learned about finances from The Green 3.
* I have learned about fantastic deals and coupon codes from Mir at Want Not
* I learned about Cornucopia kids from Rhonda...Do you have a Cornucopia kid?
* I learned about decoupage and cool crafty things from Christy at Bon Bon Boutique
* I have learned about faith and raising Godly children from all the great posts from Kim at Lifesong. She is a wonderful writer.
* I started my own RAK (Random Act of Kindness) meme!!
* I loved blogging so much I had to get my friends and family involved and they started their own blogs. Jen, Chrissy, and Kim...thanks for joining me in the blog world.

Since it is my blog anniversary and you guys have made this year so much fun I would like to give you a gift!! Leave a comment and I will randomly select four people to win a set of Toile Notecards,a set of magnets, or a personalized notepad! Tell your friends to stop on by! The more the merrier.


Becca said...

I have loved looking at your blog and have learned a lot from you. I'm loving using 'Bloglines' - just think of all the time you have saved me from sharing that! Congratulations on your one year anniversary!

catherine said...

Happy One Year to You! :)

His Singer said...


Amazing what you can learn in a year, even if you're as old as dirt like I am. And if you're young and spry like you, the world's your oyster!

Thanks for visiting the ol' blogeroo. Hope to see you again.

Rhonda said...

ahhh, gee whiz.... THANK YOU. Gotta love those "Cornucopia Kids"!

P.s., loving your music choices on esnips.

kristi brooke said...

one year! yea.
I LOVED how your wrote about your year and what you have learned - what a creative idea.

You are one talented, strong gal and I wish you another great year!

green3 said...

Yeah!! I'm glad someone's reading my money posts!!

Congrats on your anniversary!

Reformed Grits said...

It's been fun, huh? I have learned a lot too, and it was so freaky cool to meet up with you so randomly/providentially at Target! WOW! GO figure!
Happy Blogiversary! Next time you come local, pop me an email and we'll visit a Starbucks (now that we have 3 to choose from!) and we can actually CHAT! :-)

Annie said...

Way to go! Here's to another great year. Thanks for the "shout out"!

stacey said...

thanks for letting me know i left my message in the wrong spot! same comments, second try :) do you want me to delete your original comment on my blog?

Sherry said...

Happy Anniversary!

Nicole said...

Way to go on the year anniversary!! Doesn't that feel good? Congrats!!

Steph said...

Congrats on one year!
I would love those toile notecards!!!
Love your music too!

kailani said...

Boy, you've sure come a long way! Happy Anniversary!

Org Junkie said...

Congratulations on one year!!

What a great post this was. I'm trying to gear up for the next challenge but can't seem to decide how I want to do it this time. Any ideas?

Our Family of Five said...

Happy Blogging Anniversary. :)

Chrissy said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I am glad you helped me discover blogging!!! It is hard to believe it's been a year!!!

Momma said...

Happy Blogiversary! Am I to late to enter! I love those notecards!

It looks like you have learned a lot this year!

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

Congrats! I feel that blogging has connected me to the whole world from the safety of my own home. It's such an awesome and supportive community! A wealth of knowledge and help at our fingertips!

BooMama said...

Happy Blogiversary to you,
Happy Blogiversary to you,
Happy Blogiversary dear Jennifer -
Happy Blogiversary to you!

(...and many more...)


stacey said...

i don't want to be counted twice ;), just want you to come over to receive your friday fuzzy!

J said...

Congrats! I also can't wait to have my blog anniversary! I just started blogging over a month ago and I find it so enjoyable!

Allison said...

its great to be able to read ur blog. Happy bloggers day. its good to blog. i am working on my 4th year.

I would like to have a chance in the drawing so please put my name in the hat and i will cross my fingers that i win one of the prizes

kristi brooke said...

what! oh my! ok I would like to thank my keyboard who made this all possible - my fingers who try to type as fast as they can - and of course you! woo hoo. thanks so much

let me know if you don't have my address.

Tip Junkie said...

This is the best One Year Anniverary post I've read. I learned a ton from it. Thanks so much and congratulations!!