Monday, September 24, 2007

Mom of the Year

Katherine is home sick today. Took her to the dr. She has bronchitis and upper resp infection. So she is on Antibiotics and inhaler 4x a day. So she will have to take it to school and take at lunch time.

Abigale wanted them to check her ears since she was a good girl during K's apt. So the Nurse pract and the helper looked in her ears. They asked her did her ears hurt and she said yes!! That was the first I had heard that her ear hurt....guess what. She had a double ear infection. She has puss pockets on her ears and her throat!!

So yes....I am Mom of the Year!!!!!!!!


Dedee said...

Yikes. Double ear infection and the resp. inf..

I would take my son into the dr for a well child check and he'd have a double ear infection. I understand that one completely!

Thanks for the good mail!

Rhonda said...

I may also be on the nomination for "Mother Of The Year" over here in Connecticut. We are in the middle of some serious heat and what did I do to earn my title? I sent my son to school with no water bottle, in LONG denim pants, AND encouraged him to not change because we would miss the bus!

I certainly did not want to have to drive him to school. YIKES! Then, I find out that his classroom is the hottest in the school and there were no fans.

Poor kid! Lucky he did not end up with dehydration!

We Mother's all have our "moments"!