Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Random Act of Kindness (RAK)

I know that I did not post RAK last week. I was on my 14 hour drive back from our vacation and we got home Tuesday night and then school started Thursday. It was very hectic!!

Since the first posting of RAK the postings have kind of diminished. So I am wondering if I should do this twice a month instead of every Monday? Also, you can post your Mr. Linky at any time. You do not have to have it ready on the day I put up the Mr. Linky. The Mr. Linky will stay up until the next RAK Post. So go out and spread the word. It would be great if more people participated. If you have any suggestions on the marketing of the RAK please email me or leave a comment.

I found this company called B *Kind that makes Kindness T-shirts through Shannon and her giveaway today. How cool would that be if I won? I would then use my winnings to giveaway over here at the RAK Posting!!!!

Some of the RAK things we have been doing over at our house.

* We are still giving drinks out as we leave stores to the greeters. This still comes as a shock to the recipient and usually a hug is involved.

* We have invited a sweet family over for dinner at least once a month. Her husband is currently serving in Iraq and we want to be there for them as they face this long year with out him.

* My daughter has gone over to the above family and watched the two little boys so that the mom could get some errands done. I can't imagine taking care of two small children all by myself without any family nearby and my husband gone for a whole year??? Please keep them in your prayers.

If you are wondering how the RAK started then you can go here to read about it!


Sonya said...

I think your RAK's are great! I'm hoping to get in on this in the coming weeks. We have been doing certain things for my new neighbor while she is at work. Every Wednesday we have been bringing her trash can up from the road and to the side of her house. She's never asked if we were doing it but every Wednesday when she gets home, it's already put up and she can go inside and relax. It's kinda fun actually! Hopefully we can do more things like this soon!

Sandi said...

I took the young children of mothers who needed time for errands and all their car seats to Sonic for a shared Blizzard and then to my house to paint rocks. It was great fun.

Christy said...

Honestly, I have not been doing good at this at all. I plan to though b/c I love giving to people just have been busy. (no excuse, I know)

Michelle said...

I did two RAKs this week, which shall remain nameless lol. But I love this idea. I have blogged about it on my site http://downbloggers.blogspot.com/

Hope you dont mind, I borrowed your button.