Thursday, August 16, 2007

First Day of School

Twas the night before school started,
When all through the town,
The parents were cheering.
It was a riotous sound!
By eight, kids were washed
And tucked into bed...

When memories of homework...
filled them with dread!
New pencils, new folders,
new notebooks, too!

New teachers, new friends...
their anxiety grew!

The parents just giggled when they learned of this fright
And shouted upstairs-...GO TO BED-IT'S A SCHOOL NIGHT!

The kids started school this morning and were so excited. I now have a 7th grader, 4th grader , 2nd grader and one in 4-K. Wow!!
Abigale wanted to be in the picture
with her brother and sisters.
She still had her PJ's on.
The kids wanted to take something to their teachers on the first day so I put a water bottle, a lemonade packed to pour in the water, an apple and some lifesaver mints in a clear bag and tied it with a bow. My 7th grader passed on that since she is too old to take things to her teacher :-)

I thought I would post a picture so you could see the "Teacher Happy".
Hope all you moms have a great school year!!


kailani said...

Didn't the summer go by quickly? Your kids look so adorable and ready for the new school year!

JennaG said...

Thanks for sharing your first day pictures. I'm going to steal your "teacher happy" idea for my twin's teacher. Oh--thought you might like to know that I sat next to Ean Ev*ans (guitarist for Lynyrd Skynyrd) at my hubby's Christmas party last year. He lives in our town. I don't know if you're a big fan or not, but heard them on your blog.

Stacey said...

so cute-your kids and the idea! i am so doing that!

catherine said...

we sent happy back-to-school treats too!

Christy said...

Great poem! Great teacher happy's too! Hope your kids have a great school year.

Sandi said...

Two things. Your poem is Great!!!! AND your treat for the teacher, what a great idea.

Tricia said...

What a thoughtful mom. I teach Pre-K and unfortunantely none of my parents ever think of that kind of stuff. I did. My boys gave her a box of chocolates and the next day a 12 pk of COKE since our coke machine was sold out of everything but diet. Very sweet family, too.

Ann(ie) said...

Already??? woooooow. Summers are getting shorter and shorter. I love the poem, girl and what great treats!! I'm taking notes from you for the school day years!

Ann(ie) said...

OH and your kids are beautiful. Most important part and I left it out.

yeesh. Not enough coffee for moi.