Monday, July 30, 2007

Random Act of Kindness (RAK)

We are traveling today to the beach!! I wanted to put this up for everyone that is participating. I will add our own RAK when I arrive at our destination!


Kathie said...

Wow! What a great idea! All those little acts are so special. We are missionaries in Central America and have to travel quite alot. When we go to Nicaragua we always take something (a shirt or socks, etc) to give to the homeless man who now knows us by name and who has made himself responsible for conducting us safely through the streets and the gangs to our hotel. Random Acts of Kindness. Pass them on.

Blessings from Costa Rica

Sandi said...

The other day I was coming from the cafeteria at work with both arms full of food an drinks for myself and my co-workers. A woman down the hall saw me coming and ran to the elevator to push the button for me. She then apologized that she did not have time to ride up to my floor and open the door for me. Cute, huh?

dancin queen said...

Love this idea. I put a post on my blog about it too. What a neat person you are to spread kindness and peace throughout the www. I love it. Love the idea of "Good Mail" too. Have followed your example--thanks for the uplift! wendi

Becca said...

I didn't post on our blog about my RAK for this week but I had won some products for a card design-type business. Rather than looking for myself I found some things my sisters would like. One is graduating from college so I got her some neat cards with her name on them to use for interviews or whatnot. But, then I saw some that one of my other sisters would love and got them for her 'just because'. I am not usually one for sending things 'just because' - it's usually for a purpose so this was quite 'random' for me . . . and fun!