Friday, May 18, 2007

What a Week

This has been the longest week here at the Wilson house. We have had a birthday, Birthday invitations to make (for a future B-day), Soccer game to attend in the rain, Garage door to have replaced, Baby sitting other children, and having an extra child since yesterday.

Did I mention that this was the last week for grading? School ends next week but the grades have to be put in today so all the extra assignments, tests etc. Katherine read three books this week to get all her points for her reading grade along with quizzes, tests etc. My husband jokes that I will have to go to college with her to help her study!! After all of the school work and projects I believe that we will have all A's for the three children that attend school in this house!! Yippee!! I get to move up to the next grade!!LOL Not sure how well I remember 7th grade math??

I have worked on some craft projects and I wanted to show you one of them. Remember when I went to New York in March? Well the night before I flew out I had this brainstorm to make a cover for my paperback book. I did not want everyone to see what I was reading. You know I just love my chick lit reading material!!!

So I pulled out some of my scrap Toile fabric. I just love my TOILE!!! I had some black ribbon and elastic and this is what the finished product looked like. It has a built in bookmark and the elastic can be put around the whole book to keep it all nice and together!!


SoDak Angel said...

Wow, you are so crafty! I just wanted to stop by, and thank you for my birthday card, and the fun good mail goods! I haven't made the crossover into full on Blog time will come, I am sure.....but for now, a great big Thank You for my good mail!

Christy said... sounds like you have had a long full week! Hopefully you'll have a good rested weekend.

What a neat idea for your bookcover. I love toile too!

Judi said...

Sounds like busy times to me! I must have one of those book covers. Is there anyway I could purchase one from you?

Christi said...

Hi Jennifer - I've just joined Good Mail and you're on my list of packages going out this week!

Love the book cover by the way - very cute!