Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!!

Today is my sweet Hayden's birthday. He turns 7 today. I can't believe it was seven years ago that we welcomed our only boy to the family. We would later have Abigale and Hayden would remain the only boy in the house. When Dads away Hayden becomes the Man of the House.

Hayden is such a sweet child and is so loving to his mom!!

Leave a comment and tell him Happy Birthday...He would love it.


Annie said...

How awesome to be born on May Day! Remember when we were little and on May Day we would leave flowers on peoples doorsteps and ring the bell and run? I guess I'm the only one;(

I read the thing on your profile about being an only child and having no idea about the little fights siblings have..."Mom, he is on my side of the couch!"
That was funny. I came from a family where there was only one boy. My sisters and I were not prepared for the boy on boy violence of our sons. Our brother had no one to scrap with!

Happy Birthday little buddy!

Renee said...

Happy Birthday, don't forget to make a wish!

Kristi Brooke said...

happy birthday!

green3 said...

Have a great day, Hayden!

Michael Likis said...

Happy Birthday Hayden!!! We hope you get many nice presents and some yummy cake!!

Michael, Melanie, and Laura Likis

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Hayden! You are such a cool 7 year old!

Love, The Cowsars
Mr Chet, Mrs. Jennifer, Jared, Anna and Lauren

yerdoingitwrong said...

Sweet boy indeed! Happy Birthday Hayden.

Christy said...

What a cute little boy. I hope he had a good birthday!

kittyhox said...

He is really too cute - just what a little boy should look like! Love love love the glasses. Also, LOVE his name.

My little man (who is about to turn ONE!) is also a May baby, although he was born the very last day of May. Being born the first day of May seems extra-special, too.

Happy belated birthday to your little guy!