Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

I have never participated in Thursday Thirteen but thought I would today since It is one of my busiest days.

Thirteen things I have to do to get ready for our weekend trip to Des Moines, Iowa (soccer tourney for Katherine (11 yr old soon to be 12)

1) Wake up at 5:00 to drive my husband to his car pool friend so he can catch a ride to the airport for Dallas.

2) Pick up dry-cleaning and donuts on my way back to home. ( kids still sleeping when I arrive)

3) Make 3 lunches, sign 3 folders for kids and drop off kids at three different schools.

4) Pack for 4 children, husband and Me.

5) Make sure Katherine has everything in her soccer bag for the tournament. I think the list the coach gave us has about 20 things on it.

6) Clean the house ( I hate leaving to go out of town with a messy house)

7) Print maps to where I am going so I don't get lost.

8) Get tooth pulled...Yes I have to go to the dentist today and get a tooth pulled. I have a root canal that is broken and giving me pain....

9) Take Katherine to soccer practice

10) Go to Sams to get a rolling cooler for this weekend

11) Find the Portable DVD player and select movies for the trip

12) Mail out Good Mail to some new friends...Leave a comment me if you want to be added to the Good Mail list.

13) Get ready for our trip to Washington D.C. Did I tell you that we leave on Wednesday for 6 days in D.C.???? I am a glutton for punishment. haha


Janne said...

Wow! You ARE busy! Welcome to TT!

I'm sharing Florida sunsets pictures on my TT today. :)

Jane said...

You have a LOT to do. I just hope you won't be too tired by the time you go out of town!!
I hope you will consider continue doing T13. If you do, just put the blogroll in your sidebar and send an email to: and I will add you to the blogroll.

byoc said...

Wow, busy, busy! I love the Good Mail idea, but I wouldn't remember to get things out in a timely manner.

green3 said...

Wait - you are coming up HERE for a soccer tournament? Hope the fields are dry for you. We're in the middle of an ocean! With all the rain, we haven't played any soccer all week!

Lori's Light Extemporanea said...

Sounds like our last June. We drove 2 days to OK for camp, 2 days back & to an all-day wedding. Then we drove 2 days down to the in-laws in FL and after that, 2 days back. We're basically doing the same thing this year only with a longer lag time between the two trips. And did I mention the toddler twins? Yeah. I hate driving to my in-laws' with them. Oh well!

Happy TT!

Christie said...

oooh busy busy!! i have to leave for a trip with my house clean too, the sheets fresh and bed made and everything. it's a little neurotic i know. have a good trip or two! and thanks for stopping by!

kailani said...

I love DC! I hope to take the family there some time. The city is so full of history! Have fun!

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