Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Sweet Rebecca!!

Our sweet Rebecca turns 9 today! How time flies when your raising four children!! It seems like yesterday that I was heading to St. Vincents in Birmingham, AL to have her. It was a cold weekend and I was coming down with the flu. She was a 9 lb baby! When we left the hospital I think the wind was almost at hurricane strength. We were on the parking deck in the wheel chair waiting for Walt to drive around in the car. The nurse was helping us load the car with the flowers and balloons and the wind was whipping the balloons everywhere. My hair was almost wrapped around my head and I could not see to get in the car. Rebecca was so bundled up all you could see where her tiny little eyes and nose.

Rebecca has turned into such a young lady. She has such an old soul about her. She is in the gifted program at school and loves to read. Her favorite shows are on the Food Network and if you ask her she is going to culinary school and she wants to be a chef and make beautiful cakes. She loves to watch Duff make all his wild cakes.

Rebecca has her own style and loves to put T-shirts and skirts together with her brown converse sneakers. I love how she is so original and does not care what people think. She recently went with her dad to one of his weekly meetings. The auditorium was packed and the overflow was in the cafeteria watching on close circuit TV. The CEO was talking and he saw Rebecca on the front row. He came over to her and she stood and he talked to her and asked her all kinds of questions. Someone handed her a microphone and she talked for awhile with him. Walt could not believe how mature she was and how easily she talked to the CEO( Of one of the largest companies in the world). Later she told her Dad that he (CEO) was just like any other person she would talk to. We hope that she always keeps this outlook on life.

So Becca Boo Happy Birthday!! We love you and are so glad that you are in our family!!


Nicole said...

I was great with looking at these ADORABLE pictures THEN the music started. DUDE! The tears just came. I have no idea why. Such a sweet post. Happy Birthday to your little lady!

Kim said...

Miss Becca, Happy Birthday!

I love talking 'food' with you...I can't wait to eat in one of your restaurants someday!

You are a beauty inside and out. We just adore you. Happy birthday, sweetie!

Kim, Chuck, Ty & Sydney

Kim said...

Jennifer (now a comment for you!)....always remember that remarkable children are made from remarkable parents.

Becca is a sparkling, lovely, delightful young lady...she comes by it honestly. :)

K, C, T & S

Leslie said...

Aww she would get along well with my Reed, who will be nine in July and loves her Chucks! Maybe one day they will discover Tretorns LOL!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday,Rebecca!

What a lovely young lady,Jenn!


Anonymous said...

Dear Becca,
Happy birthday sweetie! We hope you have a great day. You're such a great girl. We love hanging out with you, and we know Jackson loves to play with you too!
Happy Birthday,
Ben, Jennifer, and Jackson Aton

The Oates Family said...

Happy Birthday 'Becca!

We hope you have a great day. Reagan thinks its pretty cool that your birthday is the day before hers!

Thank your parents for not naming you after the other famous event you share your birthday with, Groundhog Day. Punxsutawney is not very becoming. Rebecca is much sweeter.

Happy Birthday!
The Oates Family

Rebecca said...

I am so proud of your uniqueness, and sense of yourself. I think that you are just wonderful. I wish that I lived closer so that I could celebrate your special day in person;- I'm sure that your mom has something great planned. Have a spectacular birthday!!!!

Miss you and lots of love to you!

NYC Rebecca

The Madison Wilson's said...


You have grown up soo much. Hope you have a GEAT birthday!! We did a little something on our blog...come check it out.

Uncle Griff, Chrissy, and Benjamin

Anonymous said...

The Portland Wilson crew is wishing you a happy birthday, the last of your sigle digit birthdays. Next year its double digits and taxes so get ready.

We hope you have a wonderful day and we cant wait to see you May,

Uncle Charlie, Aunt Jodi and cousin Zach attack.

Anonymous said...

hey becca!!
we miss you guys so much ! I can't believe you are 9 already!! I can still picture you in your car seat at Catie's 3rd bday! WOW! I hope you have a wonderful day. I hope we get to see each other soon.

Ms. Kim, Mr. Marc, Catie and Sarah Grace

Anonymous said...

Happy B-day boodles. Hope you have a wonderful 9th birthday.

We love you.


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Rebecca!!! I hope you had a great birthday!
Love, Amber, Kirk and Myles

local girl said...

Your song is perfect for Becca's birthday post. Happy Birthday Becca!

yerdoingitwrong said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful good. You no doubt have a right to be proud!!!!