Friday, January 12, 2007

I have to run out and get Milk and Bread..We might have some sleet!!

The are saying this on our weather page for our city:


Living in Alabama for 36 years, if you heard those words, then you would immediately run out and buy milk and bread. You never knew if you were going to be stuck in your house for days or if it was a false alarm. I think it snowed 6 times my whole time living in Alabama.

It was always so funny to rush to the Store to get the Bread and Milk and to discover once you got there that the shelves were bare!! I mean there would be a tug of war on the last package of bread.

So it was so funny this morning while DH was getting ready for work. Rebecca was reading the weather report off for her dad and giving him the windchill, when it would start sleeting and how fast the wind was going to be. The last words I heard from him as he was leaving was you better get some milk and bread.


Elle*Bee said...

Don't forget toilet paper. Here is Louisiana, it's always milk-bread-toiletpaper - usually more for rain than frost, but nevertheless, it's a handy think to have. Oh, and batteries.

Liz said...

what is it with everyone else getting all the cool bad weather? I want snow!!

Sarah said...

Well, I must be the moron from Louisiana -- I grew up there but live in West Texas now. I usually think, "Do we have marshmallows and dry fire wood?" I figure besides the marshmallows we can live off of whatever is in the couch cushions! :-)

Tonya said...

I live in 'Bama and was "worried" to death last night when we had a little sleet!!!!