Friday, November 17, 2006

Are you Ready for some Football????

It is time again for the Iron Bowl!!! Now that we have moved to Missouri it is just not the same. Living in Alabama for 30 plus years and experiencing Alabama/Auburn football it is just not the same here in the Show me State. I miss the trash talk, the bragging rights for a whole year when your team wins and the big Football parties with all that good food!!! Well guess what? We found some people from Alabama that live in our neighborhood!! Can you believe it? They used to live in Auburn and are die hard Auburn fans....thats ok. We have been invited to their house to watch the game. I am so excited!! Some of you may know that we are a House divided!! Half of our family cheers for Alabama and the other half cheers for Auburn. That makes for an interesting day at our house. So whatever team you cheer for this weekend go out and have a good time!! have a whole year to say that you have the better team..Until next year!!!

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