Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Happy Birthday

I just had to tell all of you that my husband actually surprised me!! I am usually pretty hard to surprise. This Sunday I came home from grabbing a quick dinner and walked into "Surprise" Several of our new friends in Missouri had surprised me for my Birthday. My wonderful children had set everything up while I was gone and did such a great job. They had even cleaned the house. (They knew I would have been mortified had they seen my house not clean) My Birthday was actually yesterday and the kids were home from school since it was a teacher work day. My Becca Boo was sick so I had to take her to the Dr. (sinus infection) Katherine and Hayden each had a game at 6:00 at two different locations. So my wonderful husband was home to take Hayden to his football game and I took Katherine to the soccer game. He even took Abigale (3yrs old) to the football game so I could sit and enjoy the soccer game uninterrupted. That was such a treat!! To top it off my family gave me a year subscription to People Magazine. That is my guilty pleasure!! It will be like having a birthday every Friday when I get one in the mail.


green3 said...

People Magazine? A WHOLE YEAR? That present rocks. That is also my guilty pleasure, but I get my fix at their website.


Kim said...

Happy birthday! That is great! (Heh heh how old are ya?)

RANDI said...

Happy belated birthday!