Friday, November 12, 2010

Lunch with Friends

Today I had a wonderful lunch with some very unique, insightful, and entertaining ladies.  I had a rare Friday off from subbing and I was caught up on all my orders.   Having this lunch was like the cherry on top of a long week.

I have lived in Missouri for over 5 years and have never been to Sandstone Gardens.  It only took about 20 minutes to get there and it was so pretty.

This is where I had lunch.
We all enjoyed lunch and then walked around the huge rooms of Christmas decorations.
I wish I could decorate my whole house with all their things.


The Chic Chauffeur said...

You are wayyyyy better at Twitter than me! I'll take some pics of the poppy up close and Twitter you. I made one very similar with a silk flower....I'll send that too!

jennaseverythingblog said...

Sandstone Gardens looks lovely. I'm glad you enjoyed your lunch! My 'cherry on the top' coming up this weekend is scrapbooking with a friend Sunday afternoon.