Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat....Miss. No Name Wilson

There is this funny story about how I am out trick or treating with Abigale and my husband calls from neighbors house where he is giving out candy....

Please hurry back to the house there is something I need to show you.

I hurry back on friends golfcart and he has this in his arms.
Her story goes something like this.....

A lady was trick or treating with her children and had this cute little black lab puppy under her jacket. The mother dog had seven puppies and they had given all of them away but this one.........So my sweet husband could not let her walk away with the puppy.
All I can say is Just say NO!! haha

She still has no name....any suggestions?
Edit to Add: We thought He was a He until the vet said she was a she! haha Her name is Boo (got her on Halloween) Bear (for Coach Bear Bryant) Wilson


linda said...

Oh my goodness he's adorable! I want one!

Cute names for your little guy... since his fur is so dark, how about midnight or coco (I guess Coco would be better if he was more brown).

I'll be waiting he hear what you name the cutie.

JC said...

What a cute puppy!!!