Friday, October 09, 2009

Goodbye 30's Hello 40's!!

Today I turn 40!

Hello 40! Am I sad? Not really. I had so much this last decade.

I had two of my children

We moved to Missouri

I made a ton of good friends

My parents moved to NH and now I have driven there twice by myself with kids!

All my babies are in school

I started substitute teaching

I had a great girls weekend in NYC

I am leaving in two weeks for another weekend in NYC

My J Design business has kept me very busy

There are so many more things I could list but my mind is a little fuzzy right now due to having the Flu. One of the drawbacks of substitute teaching. haha

Last year my bestie JenJen made the most amazing video and surprised me by putting it on my blog. She involved all my friends and family to send pics to post on it. I think I will put it on my blog every birthday!

Here's to another 40 years!!


stacey said...

love your attitude!! here is to another great decade!

Anonymous said...

Loved seeing JenJen's slide show again this year. She did a wonderful job. What a great friend! Happy Birthday to the sweetest daughter in the world. Hugs and kisses Mom and Dad

kailani said...

Happy 40th Birthday! Hope you had a wonderful celebration!

And I say . . . 40s is the new 30s!