Friday, May 01, 2009

Happy Birthday Haydee Boo!

It is hard to believe that my sweet little boy is 9 today! How time flies!

I came across a paper he brought home a while back that his class mates had filed out. They had all written a compliment about Hayden. I thought they were so cute that I would write them here so he would always have them.

Hayden age 9

1) You're funny
2) You are a good reader
3) You are smart
4) You are cool
5) You're a nice person
6) Your nice
7) I like your shoes
8) You're really fast
9) You're a great friend
10) You are really funny
11) You are a cool guy
12) you are cool
13) You are a great salesman
14) Your a good friend
15) You are very energetic (this was from the teacher haha)
16) You are funny
17) You share very well
18) You are very funny
19) You are very very hilarious!
20) You are smart
21) I like your glasses

Happy Birthday Hayden!!


Jillian, Inc said...

sweet. Happy birthday to your boy.

Amber said...

Those are hilarious!! I especially like the good salesman one. Where do kids come up with this stuff. Happy 9th Birthday Hayden!!!

stacey said...

what a special treasure for him to keep from his friends. our kids need more of that these days!!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to tell him that he grunted like a little pig the whole day he was born but didn't think he would appreciate that. Hugs to that darling grandson!

Love, MiMi

Ann(ie) said...

What a great school project idea!! Happy Bday to your handsome boy!

Busy Dad Mumbles said...

Happy Birthday buddy

erin said...

Wow! "9"
It seems like yesterday when he was so proud that he was old enough to come down to our house with his sisters! Happy Birthday Hayden...your friends, Mrs. Angie, Mr. Rob, Erin and Scott