Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Thank you..Thank you very much!

Thank you..Thank you very much! ( you must say this with your lip turned up and with your best Elvis impersonation)

It was such a great feeling yesterday to head into the post office and drop off all of our Christmas Thank you notes. I think sending a hand written thank you note is a lost cause in today's society. I can remember as a child sitting at the table a few days after Christmas writing out my thank you notes. Thanks Mom!! I now have my children send thank you notes after Birthday's and Christmas.

This year I walked into the kitchen on Christmas Day and Katherine and Rebecca were sitting there writing out their thank you notes. I was thrilled and surprised that they did this unprompted by me! Hayden finished his up on Sunday and Sweet little Abigale was not to be outdone by her siblings. Usually I write out the note and she signs her name. This year she got Tinkerbell notecards in her stocking and she wanted to do it herself!

She wrote out in her best hand "Dear Mimi and Papa, Thank You! Love Abigale. The recipient is going to have to remember what they gave her. haha!

I came across this blog today and she had a great idea about sending thank you notes from children. Go check it out!

Need some help writing a note? Go here.

Do you send out Thank you notes? Do your children? What do you think about writing thank you notes?


Preppy 101 said...

Yes and yes. I am a big fan{atic} of thank-you notes. I think my daughter is better at it than my son. . . And realizing this today, I may give him a little pep talk about TYN. Thanks!! :-) And when I don't receive a TYN for a gift that I have given - esp. wedding and graduation - it really irritates me.

Sandi said...

What a fantastic idea for thank you notes. I think it would be great from an adult too.

AJ said...

I'm good about having my kids send out TY notes for bdays & other occassions. We've never done them for Christmas. I need to be better about getting them out quicker though!

linda said...

Absolutely, handwritten notes are a must when a gift is given or good deed is done.

I'm so behind on mine I'm embarrassed!

amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay said...

thanks love!!! xoxoxo Yr blog is great! I am on etsy too! littlealouette I heart you!

Anonymous said...

I love the thank you notes from the grandchildren. It's like getting a hug long distance! Love, MiMi