Tuesday, December 02, 2008

We had a great time visiting all our friends in Alabama during Thanksgiving. We drove to Anniston to visit Grandma Jan and the Gibsons, went to Jacksonville to see Aunt Vickie and Uncle David, went to Montgomery to stay with the Sandlins, and then to Alabaster to see the Cowsars. What a whirl wind trip! Wilsons and Sandlins

Grandma Jan and the kids

Jen and KimBusy Dad, Vicky & David & Jen

Jen Jen and Jen

The Wilson kids and Cowsar kids with Horton Hears a Who Ears on.

It was quite eventful when we were driving home and there was sleet and snow in Arkansas. It was not much but there were cars all over the place, in ditches and flipped over. Needless to say I had white knuckles on the steering wheel. We made it home Sunday night around 11:30. The kids made it to school the next day without too much grumbling.

I got home to a full inbox of orders! I love this time of year. I seem to just hole up in my sewing room cranking out orders! I added some new things to the Etsy shop.
Christmas Enclosure cards and regular enclosure cards

Damask Notecards with name or monogram

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