Sunday, August 31, 2008

New in the shop

(From top to bottom, Left to Right
Apple pear, Amy butler temple garden,
Heather Bailey Sway in Peach, Michael Miller dandy Damask in Chocolate Brown)

$ 7.50
I have wanted to make these cute zipper pouches for awhile and finally sat down during this long Labor Day Weekend and Labored!! I made a few of these for my Etsy shop and thought I would share them with you first. If you would like to order one I will send it to you with FREE shipping. Cause I am nice like that and I wanted to do something nice for my fellow bloggers. I am putting them in the shop sometime this week so if you want one just email me with the one you would like and I will get it in the mail to you. I will send you a Paypal invoice if that works for you.

These zipper pouches are lined with coordinating fabric and they also have a thick interfacing between the layers. They are approx. 5.5" by 5.5"

Ideas for these pouches
* put a gift card in them and give to your favorite teacher, friend, or relative
* Put your Ipod and earbuds in it to keep it safe from the rest of the things in your purse
* Put your spare change in it
* Put your makeup in it
* Give it your your daughter to keep personal things in it in their backpack


KellyKelly said...

Hey..I was wondering if you can make something like this for the boys to put in thier binders. They are supposed to have a zipped bag that goes on thier 3 ring binder to hold pencils etc for Kole and money for Kaden. I can't find them anywhere...

Busy Dad Mumbles said...

You are so creative. You go girl

Aloha Monkey said...

These are so cute! One of these would come in handy to throw my iPod in so that it's not exposed in my purse. Wish I could take advantage of the free shipping, but I'll visit your Etsy shop later.

By the way, I like your music player. Where did you get it from?

Kim said...

I LOVE my bag, Jennifer, thank you! Sydney keeps trying to steal it from me. I've already thought of a hundred great uses for it. It's the perfect size and so lightweight. Thanks again!