Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Visiting New Hampshire and the Secret Garden

We drove to Walpole, NH yesterday to stay with my Aunt Laura and Uncle Noel. They have a beautiful house up on the side of a mountain. Laura is a fantastic gardener and has tons of beautiful flowers, arbors and paths that surround her house.

The kids thought they were in the Secret Garden. They ran and ran, following the paths and playing Hide n Seek with each other. Even Uncle Noel got in on the Hide n Seek. They were exhausted by dinner time. They all helped make dinner and we ate out on the huge front porch.
This is the view off the porch.
Noel then took us to the Walpole Creamery for ice cream. This place is fabulous. They make all their own ice cream and have been written up in several newspapers.
I think Abigale enjoyed her Chocolate Cone..don't you?

The next morning we had a great breakfast with fresh squeezed orange juice. The kids had never seen a juicer before and had fun making their own OJ!


Busy Dad Mumbles said...

Chocolate ice cream and fresh squeezed orange juice. Granola next?

My thanks to Noel and Laura for allowing the crew to stay. I didn't recognize the place without the snow.

Lovely pictures of the crew.

Kim Sue said...

looks like a beautiful place and that you guys are having lots of fun. Love all the 4th of July pictures. Snowmobiles?

Anonymous said...

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kailani said...

That patio looks like the perfect place to watch a sunset. What a relaxing place!