Saturday, July 05, 2008

Oooohhhh Ahhhhhhhhh

(All the kids laying on the blanket watching the fireworks)
(Aunt Lynn, Abigale andCousin Mike)
(Zach and Hayden)
(Cousin Liz and the girls)


Ann(ie) said...

You guys always look to be having the best time together in pictures!! Happy Belated 4th my friend. xo.

Busy Dad Mumbles said...

Looks like the crew is enjoying the fireworks. Good to see everyone, and meet the guy who is riding the Tour of Brattleboro.

I can't believe that Hayden almost has front teeth.

Rhonda said...

So LOVE the bottom picture with "little one" and the hood... grinning. She looks like she popped up just in time to be clicked into the picture.

Looks like everyone is having a GREAT time.