Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Internet Scrapbooking!

I just had to share a part of an email that I got this morning from my good friend Jamey in Texas.

"I love your blog. It is Internet scrap booking with music!!!

Have a great day...Jamey:)"

That cracked me up! I have long since decided that scrap booking is a lost cause......to me that is!!
I get so overwhelmed with all the paper, stickers and photo's! I have friends that have gorgeous scrapbooks and have saved all of their kids artwork, cards and Valentines!! Jamey ..I am talking about you!!

(Jamey and I at her birthday lunch last year before she moved)

( Heading to the Alabama Auburn game in Auburn, AL. We drove from Missouri and they flew from Texas)

Thanks for the email it made my day! I do feel like this blog is a virtual scrapbook of the Wilson-six! I think it will be great for my children to come back and read the archives and see that they did not have such a boring life!!

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Kim Sue said...

I know I will be thankful for recording our life and I hope my daughter will. Since I have been blogging I think often how much I wish I had kept a journal throughout my life. Today I posted about some memories in my life..just little moments in time and wished that I had a photo of them or more details. Reminds me sometimes to "journal" more on my blog because one day I will be thankful for the details.