Monday, July 28, 2008

Good Mail!!

Look what came in the mail this week. Jen Jen out did her self! We had a huge box waiting on our doorstep Monday!!! Very Cool Lunch boxes for all the kids filled with school supplies. I even got a gift bag with a french manicure set and some goodies. Too bad all of you don't have a Jen Jen in your life! I am so fortunate to have her in my life!!

We had not gone school shopping yet so this was such a wonderful surprise!! Thanks Jen!!(She made cute tags with each kid on them. Rebecca's had freckles!)

( Did you know that I LOVE Sharpies! I kind of have an
obsession for Sharpies)


Chryste said...

That’s great Jen..! I really like those school supplies and backpacks.

Jennifer said...

I love the Wilsons. What can I say?

Kim Sue said...

what terrific good mail! :)

aj said...

Love your blog...and Sharpies too:)

stacey said...

catching up from vaca, so forgive the multi-post commenting!

cracks me up how many of us are sharpie-addicted! is there a support group for that?!

love those backpacks! saw one at six flags and liked how the fit looked!

i agree about blog scrapbooking. it eases my guilt a bit!