Monday, May 19, 2008

Teacher Gifts

It's that time of year again. The last week of school. I have seen some great ideas on several blogs for gifts for the end of the year. My children brought keychains in a couple of weeks ago for Teacher Appreciation Week and that was our teacher gift.

I wanted to send something in for all the support staff at the school. The Principal, Secretary, Teachers Aid, Para's and Bus Driver. These people often get left out.

Kristi had a great idea that she has done for several years. She buys gumballs and puts them in jars and has her children hand them out to teachers at their school. Go visit her blog and see all her crafty ideas.

I took this idea and changed it a little.

The cast of Characters

*Gumballs from Walmart

* red twine from Etsy

* scissors

* hole punch

* clear bags from Walmart or hobby lobby

* card stock for printing out your tag

* Ribbon from Walmart

I put about one cup of gumballs in each clear bag. If you get the small gumballs at Walmart you can get about 8 bags from one container. I then tied them with wide polka dot ribbon. I tied the tag on with the red and white twine and presto you are done.

The tag reads
Thank you for "chewsing" to work at First Presbyterian!

Abigale had a "ball" this year.

You could change it to: Teach at First Presbyterian

Hayden and Rebecca brought theirs in today and Abigale has one more week of school so hers will brought in later this week.

These end up costing about $1.45 each to make. If you plan ahead you can order the large gumballs from Sams Club. I think they used to carry them in their stores but at ours you have to special order them.

**Do you have any ideas for teacher gifts?****


linda said...

This is such a cute idea...I did this with the larger gumballs for Easter, everyone loved them!

kristi said...

awesome thanks

The 5 Bickies said...

Any tips on printing the tag?

Rhonda said...

I need to get with it. We have the two girls in HS and then Elijah and 3rd grade teacher. Then, the music, art and gym teachers.

Don't forget our bus drivers.

I need a bank loan.

stacey said...

super cute idea! and i doubt they care how much we spend on them, they just appreciate knowing we realize they take care of our kids too!