Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a great Easter. I meant to post this yesterday but we were pretty busy.

We woke up and had a great breakfast and then off to 11:00 Mass. The service was beautiful.

(On the front steps of the church)

We went to a different church so we could attend church with our Godchild Patrick.(Here we are with Patrick)

We came home to a quick lunch and then the Easter Egg hunt in the backyard began. The kids had fun running around the yard looking for all the eggs. When they were done they emptied out all their eggs and then Hayden and Abigale decided to hide the eggs so that the adults could have an egg hunt. So DH and I raced around the backyard trying to see who could find the most eggs. Abigale was so excited and decided that her Dad needed some help. So she started finding the eggs and putting them in his basket.

We had a great dinner of Ham, green bean casserole, reg green beans for those that turn their nose up at the casserole, and Rhodes rolls (my families favorite).

It was so hard getting everyone to bed while it was still light out. They had been so used to going to bed late and sleeping in all last week during Spring Break! This morning was a little tough getting everyone on the bus on time.

On Saturday we colored Easter eggs. I had two different kits. One was the traditional drop it in the dye and wait. The other one entailed putting the egg in clear plastic bag and then putting drops of dye on it and then rubbing it all over. The eggs come out tye dyed. I had the kids put on plastic gloves so their hands would stay clean. I really liked this method and the eggs turned out so pretty.

(Abigale's dress came with a matching dress for her American Girl Bitty Baby. She loved matching her doll and took her to church with her)

We also made a lamb cake for our Easter meal. The kids took turn making the cake. They all added the ingredients and then took turns using the mixer and they helped grease/flour the Lamb cake pan. Thank goodness I put the cake pan on a cookie sheet because we had some major leakage coming from the seam of the lamb cake pan. Thank goodness the Lamb came out perfect after letting it cool a bit.

They all took turns frosting it and we added blue eyes and pink nose with jelly beans. Hayden and Abigale were a little bummed when they found out they had to wait until Easter to eat the cake. I hope all of you had a great Easter!

I will be announcing the Spring giveaway later today!

**** What did you do for Easter?*******


Jennifer A said...

Hey Jennifer,
The lamb cake looks great. I'm glad to hear you all had so much fun during you Easter egg hunt. We finally made it to Heather and Kile's as they were finishing their egg hunt, but still in time to eat.

Amber said...

Sounds like you guys had a great Easter! The kids all look gorgeous in their Easter best. Love the cake,too!

Stephenson Family said...

I LOVE the lamb cake - so cute!! Looks like a great Easter. We went to church, had a scavenger egg hunt for the kids to find their Easter surprises, and had a great ham meal. I'm always so excited for Easter dinner and then after just a little bit, I'm completely full!

stacey said...

sounds like both the kids and the adults had a great time!

so tired said...

Heeeyyyyy...... Your Easter weather looks completely different than my Easter weather........ I don't think we're that far away from each other.... How'd you do that?????

Cute pictures!

Rhonda said...

We were recovering from the great Easter egg hunt, and "only" had 24 over for dinner on Easter day. It was very nice... I cooked two pork roasts, and the other family's brought the sweet potato casserole (with a caramel topping), cheesy potatoes, homemade rolls, and a green salad.

Our kids woke up and hunted for their baskets that were hidden the night before. Our church is a delightful THREE hours long and I cried through most of the singing. I was truly touched. Looked over at my daughters to notice they are sneaking notes to one another. Obviously not touched!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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linda said...

So glad your Easter was enjoyable...looks like the kids had a great time!

kailani said...

What a wonderful Easter celebration! Your family is so beautiful!